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Neutra-San is a scientifically tailored safe chemical for eliminating resident odour in concrete and porous surfaces while sanitising

Neutra-San is a scientifically tailored safe chemical system for eliminating the resident odour in concrete and other porous surfaces while sanitising to help destroy germs and bacteria.

Neutra-San is designed to chase into the surface and actually destroys odour's by simply and safely converting them to a harmless, non-toxic salt.

Safe & effective against typical animal odour's.

Ideal for:
Vets & Operating areas, animal holding pens & stalls, aviaries, carpet, bedding, beds, tiles, timber, concrete, etc
Neutra-San is supplied as a ready to use liquid with a eucalyptus fragrance.
Sizes & Prices:
1 litre | 5 litre | 15 litre
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