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12th December, 2006

To whom it may concern,

Since February 2006 the Dreamworld Veterinary Clinic has endorsed the use of the Animal House cleaning / sanitising agents supplied by the Glason Group.

The Petz Breeze, Neutra-San and Air-Tech Animal House have been widely used amongst the staff at Dreamworld's Australian Wildlife Experience since acquiring the products.

In particular, the Dreamworld Veterinary Clinic strongly recommends the use of the Air-Tech Animal House for animal husbandry purposes. This product has been used at Dreamworld to clean animal enclosures, including the scrubbing of floors and koala poles. It has been applied to both cement and timber surfaces. Animal House reduces the amount of time that the keeper is required to manually scrub and effectively removes faeces from the koala poles and animal enclosure floors. Due to the fact that the product is biodegradable the health and safety of our animals is not compromised.

The Petz Breeze and Neutra-San are great at removing bad odours from animal enclosures and within the veterinary clinic (including our necropsy room). It eliminates odours from affected areas where other commercially bought products have not worked.

The products supplied by the Glason Group enhance the efficiency of animal husbandry and hygiene of animal enclosures at Dreamworld's Australian Wildlife Experience.

Yours Sincerely,

Sophia Jago.
Veterinary Nurse, Dreamworld

Dreamworld Parkway,
Coomera, Queensland, Australia 4209
Phone 1800 073 300

* Original available upon request.

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